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arundo donax

Carbon sequestration An application of post-emergence treatment is usually recommended. Economic Botany 12: 368-404. In the some study the authors observed that giant reed maintained an overall high soil moisture levels in the upper layers than other energy crops and a constant water capture capacities along root profile. In addendum, Westlake cites evidence that Arundo donax can produce 40–75 MT/ha/yr.

Arundo donax
Weed Control Methods Handbook: Tools and Techniques for Use in Natural Areas. For bassoon reeds, tubes of this cane are first split lengthwise then gouged to a certain thickness. ^ Erowid Arundo Donax Info Page 3 Fight against Climate Change! Ken Fern, Molecular evidence for a single genetic clone of invasive Arundo donax in the United States. To present knowledge Arundo does not provide any food sources or nesting habitats for wildlife. [24] Toxins such as bufotenidine[25] and gramine[24] have also been found. Comments have to be approved before they are shown here. 111:216–21. ^ Sanderson K. 2006. Studies in the European Union have identified A. donax as the most productive and lowest impact of all energy biomass crops (see FAIR REPORT E.U. (unranked): Commelinids Several field studies have highlighted the beneficial effect of giant reed crop on the environment due to its minimal soil tillage, fertilizer and pesticide. Mert. In Pakistan, where the detection of arsenic in ground waters has threatened the use of groundwater as major source of drinking water, a research highlighted the phytoremediation potential of A. donax when grown in hydroponics cultures containing arsenic concentrations up to 1000 µg l−1. Regarding the humification parameters, there were noticed any statistically differences between giant reed and a cropping sequence (cereals-legumes cultivated conventionally). [21] Glyphosate was selected as the most appropriate product after specific considerations on efficacy, environmental safety, soil residual activity, operator safety, application timing, and cost-effectiveness. Another study was conducted in the Mediterranean area on sampling giant reed from 80 different sites, and a low gene diversity was detected. US biofuels: A field in ferment. Arundo donax is strong candidate for use as a renewable biofuel source because of its fast growth rate, ability to grow in different soil types and climatic conditions. 17–18 in: November 1993 Arundo donax workshop proceedings, Jackson, N.E. Weeds Research 39: 117-127. 1993; Mackenzie 2004). Arundo donax http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9d/Illustration_Arundo_donax0.jpg/250px-Illustration_Arundo_donax0.jpg, Giant Cane (Arundo donax) 6 References Ecology, Giant reed is adapted to a wide variety of ecological conditions.

5.1.1 Management of Giant reed Scolochloa arundinacea (P.Beauv.) Bot. This page was last modified on 12 February 2012, at 01:19. Bell, G. P. 1997. 17:770−777. In order to evaluate different management practices, nitrogen fertilizer and input demand was evaluated in a 6 year field study conducted at the University of Pisa. The dried rhizome with the stem removed has been found to contain 0.0057% DMT, 0.026% bufotenine, 0.0023% 5-MeO-MMT. [17] According to historic record made by Snia Viscosa, giant reed was established on 6 300 ha in Torviscosa (Ud), reaching the average annual production of 35 t ha−1. South Univ. In: The Weed Workers' Handbook. When improperly planted in riparian areas with fast moving flood waters, which has been the experience in California and Texas, there is evidence the A. donax can be carried downstream to establish new colonies. Arundo donax Info (USDA Forest Service) pp. General References Management of Giant reed

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