19 Oct

cub swanson record

To know why putting the right words together is so tough for the 30-year-old contender, you first have to understand the path that brought him to this place. “But to me it was the next best thing from getting a title shot.

Like everything else in his journey from a 15-second loss to TUF alum Shannon Gugerty at Total Combat 4 in Tijuana, Mexico to the brink of challenging for UFC gold, the chance he’s being given this weekend stirs up mixed emotions in the dynamic talent.

But rather than walk away, the resilient featherweight opted to change his approach and start believing in himself the way the all-star cast of coaches and teammates that surrounded him on a daily basis always had.

Cub Swanson … “People were calling me out here and there, and that would get me excited,” says Swanson. Always talented, but never quite able to put it all together consistently from fight-to-fight, Swanson was at rock bottom before ever getting to realize his dream of fighting on the biggest stage in the sport. “This is the first headlining fight I’ve had in my whole career,” he reflects.
He might try to take me down, might try to smother me, but whatever game plan his coaches come up with for me, at the end of the day, his fighting style is trying to take my head off. With a victory Saturday night over Stephens, Swanson will likely earn himself a shot at the UFC featherweight title. Swanson’s exciting style has cost him victories in the past, but if he can fight a bit more conservatively and put his injuries behind him, there is no reason Swanson should be unable to compete against top competition. “This is such a complicated game that sometimes people peak later in their career and I think people with a more basic game peak earlier. Cub Swanson is a MMA fighter with a professional fight record of 26 wins, 11 losses and 0 … Don’t write me off again.” Both participants were awarded Fight of the Night and later was awarded Fight of the Year at the World MMA Awards.

1 contender in the talented featherweight division, being asked to sum up what has been an arduous journey laced with detours, traffic jams and car problems has led to dead air filling the phone line.
While the first doubleheader in the company’s history ended with a quick finish that felt somewhat anticlimactic, this battle between featherweight title contenders is bound to be electric from start to finish. He’s not trying to talk himself into believing the words he’s saying. Swanson breaks out laughing. Professional record breakdown: 6 matches: 5 wins: 1 loss: By submission: 5 0 By decision: 0 1 Res. 2017. Latest on Cub Swanson including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN Cub Swanson (26-11-0) is a Pro MMA Fighter out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and the #17th ranked Top Featherweight MMA fighter.

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