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I loved Kirsty Wark’s first book, The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle, so I was really keen to read this, her long-awaited follow up. It has a strong sense of place and goes … In life, she explains, what separates a near-miss from a catastrophe is often nothing more than a whisker of luck. That was my choice to raise my kids in Scotland, though I love London. READ MORE: 'We are a pro-natalist society' Lorna Gibb on living without children, That scheme, says Wark, was the inspiration for her novel.

“What I’m saying is that really in this story, no-one’s guilty but everyone is.”, Terrible accidents do happen. What she is perhaps not so used to in recent years is a bustling home, but lockdown changed that. “My husband is running his media companies, with his staff all working from their homes. It forms a backdrop to this story of a family falling apart, and about families having secrets and how they can be a destructive force. “It was rebuilt stone by stone by Irish navvies,” she says, when we stop for photographs at the reconstructed, shore-side castle ruins. The Loch by Kirsty Wark. Jean MacMillan grows up in a well-to-do, nouveau-rich family in Ayr – a place Wark recalls from her childhood as having “a kind of fast set. The actual event was observed by a local lad here in 1941 and although Wark has invented a fictional hinterland for the young eye-witness, the visitor centre’s manager confirms that her novelistic account of the event is spot-on. On-screen, of course, she is a formidably accomplished interviewer, equally at home grilling cultural icons and prime ministers (Margaret Thatcher was famously skewered by Wark over the poll tax).

It’s set in the Galloway area of Scotland in the current day and also looking back to the 1950s. At that time it was all-girls and one thing it did give me was a certain confidence in terms of debating.

Founded in 1836 as “a school for young ladies of quality” it was, says Wark, “the most misnamed school I can think of”. The House By The Loch by Kirsty Wark is published by Two Roads on June 13.

While Kirsty, 65, has been presenting Newsnight for 27 years, her working relationship with the BBC goes back further, joining in 1976 as a graduate researcher for Radio Scotland. Data returned from the Piano 'meterActive/meterExpired' callback event.

A multi-generational tale that blends fiction with actual events from Galloway’s past, Wark’s story revolves around the family of Walter MacMillan, a hydro-electric engineer who as a child witnesses an RAF Spitfire plane plunging into the loch, killing its Czech pilot and haunting Walter for the rest of his life. LOCH Doon looks deep, dark and treacherous. These adverts enable local businesses to get in front of their target audience – the local community. Her working schedule sounds punishing.

And then it was decided we needed a shopping centre and we should pedestrianise the main street, and one of the things the series will do is look at towns that were blighted by that. The House by the Loch is her second novel.

“Look, I’m getting tartan legs,” says the erudite BBC Newsnight presenter, “but it’s better than being cold.”.

The BBC is still the most-watched broadcaster, with people watching either on TV or online. Join leading broadcaster Kirsty Wark as she discusses her latest novel, The House by the Loch.Set in 1950s Scotland, against the backdrop of the remote Loch Doon, the novel is inspired in part by the author’s childhood memories and her late father. As we drive around the loch, she points out relics of the RAF training ground that was established here during the First World War, and the place where Doon Castle once stood.

How does she do it?

They had a lot of money and they were the ones who drank heavily”. I couldn’t have done it without a brilliant nanny. From aged 12, Wark was educated at Ayr’s fee-paying Wellington School, which is clearly the inspiration for the granite-towered establishment attended by the young Jean. “I wanted the idea of going away to be cathartic or at least, offer a way out of an impasse,” she says. “Honestly, we close libraries at our peril, not simply because they are places where people can get books but they are massive places of community. While work continues on the Becoming Scotland series, another documentary Kirsty recently presented was The Trial Of Alex Salmond. “I’m the one who is out and about the most. Built during the 13th century on a small island, it was fought over during various conflicts, before eventually being dismantled when the loch was dammed. Kirsty Wark is a journalist, broadcaster and writer who has presented a wide range of BBC programmes over the past thirty years. I enjoy taking the sleeper down and then walking everywhere, to my apartment and on to the BBC.

“I’ve got a big house, but there’s something so special about being in a shed. “Oh, absolutely.” In what way? The broadcast received 900 complaints of bias against the former SNP leader and Alex Salmond is said to be considering legal action. Get a round-up of stories from The Sunday Post every week. This is a novel with a sense of place and belonging. She replaced Sue MacGregor, who had been presenting the show since it began in 2003. All Rights Reserved.

“We all drink casually more these days and that’s my point – there but for the grace of God,” says Wark.

It’s a beautifully written family saga covering three generations. Another Ayr landmark featured in the book is the Carnegie Library, where Jean – a clever woman stifled by domesticity and rural isolation – finds an outlet for her creativity. It’s a peaceful time for me. But who knows: her bestselling debut had some readers following in Elizabeth Pringle’s footsteps around Arran.

Would that be Enric Miralles, the Spaniard who designed the Scottish Parliament building? There were families whose kids were there because they thought it would give them a certain cachet.”. “Sue and I have just had lunch – she established the series so well and she is such a good listener. “I love the train. I know that’s really weird!” she laughs. “I didn’t want to be melodramatic and I also wanted to be mindful that it hasn’t actually happened to me.”, READ MORE: Joseph O'Connor on his new novel about Bram Stoker and the creation of Dracula. The Magnum was going to save the world, it was an extraordinary place when built, but we don’t necessarily want these Blade Runner-type shopping centres in our towns. From our toasty vantage point, we can see right across the loch, which was loved by Robert Burns for its bonnie banks and braes and dammed in the 1930s to create a reservoir for the Galloway hydro-electric power scheme.

“I think the hydro-electric project is wonderful – the architecture of the hydro, the big halls. If they travel a little further, to the Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum in Dumfries, they can see the reconstructed plane, which was finally raised from the waters in 1982. Presumably he was put overboard.

So far it’s been fantastic, we’ve had some great programmes.”. Join leading broadcaster Kirsty Wark as she discusses, Doon, the novel is inspired in part by the author’s, childhood memories and her late father. The series was due to air in the autumn, but filming had to stop during lockdown and it will be screened early next year. I loved Kirsty Wark’s debut novel, The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle, so I was keen to read her second book, The House by the Loch.

That section of the book is utterly compelling and, hopefully without revealing any spoilers, it focuses on every parent’s worst nightmare. It is a story, of the bonds between generations, the need to belong. (She learned to drive before she was 17, on the old Turnberry airfield’s disused landing strip.). If you are dissatisfied with the response provided you can contact IPSO here, 'We are a pro-natalist society' Lorna Gibb on living without children, Joseph O'Connor on his new novel about Bram Stoker and the creation of Dracula. “My father used to go fishing there, and while he’s not a character in the book, elements of fishing I saw as a child are.

On Sunday, Kirsty took part in the Borders Book Festival, moved online like so many other festivals this year. Kirsty needs that peaceful time on the train, as her schedule remains packed. Wark is an entertaining travelling companion: a mine of information on the landscape and wildlife and disarmingly friendly with everyone we meet. LOCH Doon looks deep, dark and treacherous. The house on loch Doon in Ayrshire is the main setting for the story of Walter and Jean's life. Walter MacMillan’s secret concerns his alcoholic wife, Jean and in fact, drink plays a wider role in The House By The Loch, since the central accident happens on the watch of characters who are sleeping off their hangovers. “I love The Reunion,” Kirsty said.

Although she’d known that her grandmother spent the first eight years of her life in Brooklyn, “it was only when I did some research on the family tree that I found out that my great-grandparents’ first child died at sea on the crossing from Glasgow to New York. Ensuing generations of Scots have continued to seek their fortunes in the New World, and Wark’s family tree contains many who emigrated – and others who resolutely stayed put.

“There were megastructures like the one at Cumbernauld, but we focus on Irvine, which was never properly finished. © DC Thomson Co Ltd 2020. She has won several awards, for her work, including a BAFTA for Outstanding, Contribution to Broadcasting, Journalist of the Year. Police cars are parked by the banks, a helicopter putters overhead and if you didn’t know better, you might think you’d walked into a Kirsty Wark novel. Steeped in the tempestuous atmosphere of South Western Scotland, The House by the

When my father died, the first thing I did was take his library books back.

“What we were doing was giving background to the whole thing, and we did that fairly.”. Really? She’s visited many times while researching her new novel, The House By The Loch, and seems quite at home as we settle down by the huge window in front of a glowing calor gas heater. But I really like to relax too.”, And her favourite place to relax is in her new garden shed. “We’ll look at some of the lesser-known disputes of the ’80s, like the Lee Jeans factory sit-in, interviewing the leader and one of the younger women, who was only in her teens at the time of the dispute. “Alex Salmond was found innocent, not guilty, there is no disputing that in any way,” she said.

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