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latin empire

Although it inherited certain features of Byzantium’s state organization, the Latin Empire was basically a feudal monarchy similar to the French monarchy. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.
Capture of Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade in 1204. The Latin Empire failed to attain political or economic dominance over the other Latin powers that had been established in former Byzantine territories in the wake of the Fourth Crusade, especially Venice, and after a short initial period of military successes it went into a steady decline. La peinture italienne, (CUL) TREASURES OF HAGIA SOPHIA TO BE ON DISPLAY FOR FIRST TIME, Latin American Confederation of Trade Unions, Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development, Inc. In several senses, the only significant export on which the economy of the Latin Empire had any real basis was the sale of relics back to Western Europe which had been looted from Greek churches. The Latin Empire was intended to supplant the Byzantine Empire as the titular Roman Empire in the east, with a Western Roman Catholic emperor enthroned in place of the Eastern Orthodox Roman emperors.

Her son Robert of Courtenay being absent in France, the regency passed first to Conon de Béthune, and after his death shortly after, to Cardinal Giovanni Colonna, until 1221, when Robert of Courtenay arrived in Constantinople. The last Latin emperor, Baldwin II, went into exile, but the imperial title survived, with several pretenders to it, until the 14th century. In the Partitio terrarum imperii Romaniae, signed on 1 October 1204, three eighths of the empire — including Crete and other islands — went to the Republic of Venice. A regency was set up in Constantinople, headed by Peter's widow, Yolanda of Flanders, until her death in 1219.
In its long history, Istanbul has served as the capital city of many civilizations such as the Roman Empire, Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire. The most important feudal possessions in the Latin Empire were the Kingdom of Thessalonika, the Principality of Achaea, and the Duchy of Athens. A ruler requires 2 kingdom titles, plus the counties of Constantinople, Thrake and Kaliopolis to create the Latin Empire. This council had a major voice in the governance of the realm, especially in periods of regency, when the Regent (moderator imperii) was dependent on their consent to rule. It is used in contrast to the Eastern Orthodox locals who used Greek in both liturgy and common speech. In 1224 the despot of Epirus conquered Thessaloniki, and the Kingdom of Thessalonika fell.

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