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rougarou real pictures

One woman recalled a story that her grandfather told her about the beast. The rougarou will purposely do this because at the first drop of blood it returns to the original human form. It was frightening to think if you didn’t follow the rules that a wolf like beast was going to hunt you down and kill you.

It is very possible that, if the legends are true, it may have been hit by a car while in dog form and attempted to get away or unnerve its opponent by taking the form of an ape-man or half-human half-dog.

I feel another reason they created this version is because they don’t want their kids playing in the moss and reeds Because of gators and snakes that could kill them. While the word is very similar to rougarou, how the Native Americans saw the beast was rather different, and used only to refer to a creature similar to Bigfoot. Many people also say the rougarou is also a swamp monster made of reeds and moss. When they were choosing the new name, one of the trademarks filed for was for the name the New Orleans Rougarou. Luckily, a car came along the road and the animal is said to have disappeared. “The Rougarou: Louisiana’s Cajun Werewolf.” Exemplore, Exemplore, 17 Aug. 2016, exemplore.com/cryptids/The-Rougarou-Louisianas-Cajun-Werewolf. In some tales, this beast even predates the state itself. They want to think a huge beast killed them. The drawing of the bold is because people are fear from the spread of disease. Older myths surrounding the rougarou have it linked to divine punishment for disobedient Catholics who break Lent. August House, 1992. All Rights Reserved WooFDriver. The biggest difference between this creature and a werewolf, however, is its ability to take multiple forms, although whether or not it has the ability to shape-shift at will depends on who you ask. He goes on to tell her than since she had kept her silence about the experience for the requisite year and a day, the curse is broken for both of them. On arriving back at her house, it was claimed she saw her husband, who had a deep scratch on his face. Your banker, your doctor, your mother… there’s no telling when the next rougarou will once again take to the streets. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. (exemplore.com) The reason it if you break the rules of lent is because it is the time in the year leading up to Easter so they don’t want people break the rules of this holy time. Also, some people like to add their only little parts. Its drive is to get food.

So, created to give the people a reason not to break the rules and break lent. Medieval France and the Legend of the Loup-Garou. After that time, the curse is transferred from person to person when the rougarou draws another human’s blood.

People enjoy it because some things can’t be explained. A common blood sucking legend says that the rougarou is under the spell for 101 days. Back in the day of armor, swords and jousting, there was a lot more to fear than the plague and witches. The woman’s grandfather never saw him again, but was convinced that he had come in contact with the rougarou. If a child was being bad they would tell that the rougarou is going to come and get them and eat them. Many were quick to point out that without something to scale it against in the picture, it could have very well been a Pomeranian. ( Log Out /  Like the werewolf, they could be ordinary people.

It would make kids think twice about doing what they are doing or the beast will get them.

Most people believe that it was created for a couple of reasons one of those reasons is to scare kids. The church could have created this to make people go to church and follow the rules. D&D Beyond Yet, in her account, Mrs. Mullins had put great stress on how big this creature was. Whatever you believe, if the legends are true, Louisiana has not seen the last of the rougarou. I don’t think anyone will ever find out if it is real or not but the legend will stand as long as there are Creole and Cajuns in the swamps. Rougarou is actually the Michif word for werewolf. They turn it in to a monster made of reed because they are thick in bayous and that can scary the people trying to explore the swamps. The Audobon Zoo in New Orleans has an exhibit dedicated to the Rougarou, which includes a statue of the creature itself. Other stories range from the rougarou as a rabbit to the rougarou being derived from witchcraft.

As the girl stands there in the chill of the night air, she sees a huge, dark form with red, glowing eyes emerge from the woods. She describes the Rougarou as “an important identification marker for South Louisiana’s culture.” Perrin’s statement is quite obviously true due to the Rougarou’s clear influence in local culture and beyond. In the time it was created the Black Death was still around so it made people fearful of anything to do with getting cut and passing anything on. Change ). They say it can be killed by fire or salt not a sliver bullet like its French counterpart.

So stories like someone becoming a beast from a disease would scary everything and everyone. She described it as being the size of a St. Bernard, and she took it to be a dog when she first saw it, but something seemed off. I remember when the physician shot himself here in Lockport. He stalks through the sugar cane fields looking for prey, tearing his victims apart, drinking their blood, and then turning them into unworldly beasts as well. It Is the stuff myth’s and legend. The New Orleans Pelicans, Louisiana’s NBA team, were formerly known as the Hornets. With so little evidence, it is hard to say one way or another. I also believe that they created the story of the original werewolf because of the fear of disease. That there is something just beyond your sight. But many true Cajuns believe that there is something in the swamps even if they don’t know what it really is. There are many ways you can become one. People will also be fearful of the swamp for real reasons or factional reasons. Lore-rich as Louisiana is as a whole, however, there is one creature who predates even the state’s frightful traditions of voodoo dolls and witchcraft. The rougraou is said to prowl the swamps around Acadiana and Greater New Orleans, and possibly the fields or forests of the regions. It scares kids because they are taught to fear the swamp and what’s in it so put a monster behind the swamps fog and darkness. Since her husband frequently works at night, he doesn’t know that she locks herself up on each full moon. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. He was astonished when the dog vanished, replaced by a homeless-looking man who fled the scene. Audobon’s website also has Rougarou t-shirts for sale. It is a beast that wants free from its curse. A player for the LSU tigers is nicknamed the rougarou for his huge 6’2 and 330 pound body. So, its only normal for people to think there is something out something that can’t be explained. Lastly, I feel that this beast with stay in the culture for an ever because it’s in grained in the mind of the people that live in the swamps. She managed to kick it in the face, leaving a deep scratch, and ran off – but the animal reportedly started to chase her on its hind legs, then on all fours. ( Log Out /  A year later the boy killed himself and left a letter that the family turned over to the sheriff. Her husband, quite unexpectedly asks her if she has ever waited for him at night by the edge of the woods. The darkness always makes people jump a little and add to that in the south Louisiana is full of gators, wild boar, snakes, and in some places wolfs ands bears. Another reason to get people to follow the rules of lent and go to mass.

But Barbara Mullins stands by her claims that it definitely was not. In Louisiana folklore the Honey Island Swamp monster is a creature said to have seen in Honey Island Swamp since 1963. If you have ever been in a swamp you can feel like there are eyes on you at all times. Its Given mostly to big football players. Another one is that it can’t count past 12 so if you put 13 items outside your door it can’t come in it would get stuck at 13. No Louisianan would outright admit believing in the creature.

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