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19 Oct

why are coral reefs important

We can’t afford to lose our coral reefs, which is what is predicted to happen if we continue at this rate. Hence, coral destruction is causing major difficulties in some countries as they can’t find enough food to eat. Coral reefs protect us from flooding, tsunamis, and more by reducing the flow of water and consequently, minimizing the impact and damage done to coastlines and the communities that live there. In developing countries, the reef is said to contribute to one-quarter of the total fish catch providing food resources for tens of millions of people. We need to realize that the ocean is not a dumpster. Movie Recommendation:  Chasing Coral, Filed Under: Ocean Health, Human Health Tagged With: coral reefs, environment, overfishing, Healthy People, Healthy Oceans 2014 - 2018©. Coral’s limestone shell is formed by the ocean’s processing of carbon dioxide. In these labyrinths of living limestone scientists estimate that over one million plant and animal species are involved and they hostreceive more than 25% of all species of marine life. They attract divers in effect, freedivers, recreational fishermen and lovers of white sand beaches. Reef animals are an important source of protein, contributing about a quarter of the fish catch average in these countries. Today, these important habitats are threatened by a range of human activities. Increased carbon dioxide levels are causing the exoskeleton of these corals to break down. Coral reefs are also living museums and reflect thousands of years of history. Tourism and leisure activities represent $9.6 billion, coastal protection $9 billion, fisheries. They are the basis for the formation of other ecosystems. More than 25% of all marine species depends on coral reefs. In these temperatures, they get stressed and release the algae that have been living on them. Here are six reasons why coral reefs are extremely important to the overall health of planet Earth and its human inhabitants: From the smallest shrimp to the largest predator, sea creatures find both food and protection on coral reefs. A healthy reef has a direct consequence to their livelihood and often survival. Without it, they can’t grow. These ecosystems are very biodiverse. I love writing and with this blog I am aiming to provide you with information about global situations and challenges. The coral reef plays an important role in the protection of the coastline against erosion., Studies show that calcium from coral could help fight against forms of cancer, against the effects of diabetes, arthritis, Cardiac diseases, osteoporosis, eczema, Alzheimer’s disease , fibromyalgia, a high cholesterol, muscle cramps, kidney stones, gallstones, gout, indigestion, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, hiatal hernia, the hypertension, headaches and much, much more. Overfishing is a global problem that is affecting countries and communities around the world. They are the basis for the formation of other ecosystems. These block sunlight and therefore, algae and other plants can’t photosynthesize. The Coral Triangle - a coral-rich marine region in Southeast Asia that encompasses the waters between Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea - is the most biologically diverse marine ecosystem on Earth.Â. For a list of guidelines on what snorkelers and divers can do, visit this page on Reef Relief. © Coral Guardian 2010 | Non-Profit Organisation registered under Law 1901 | Recognized of General Inerest | SIREN 539 714 816. Learn more and view a larger image. Coral reefs cover a very small percentage of the earth’s ocean floor but they are home to around 25% of all marine life. Over 70 countries and territories have reefs that generate approximately $1 million per square kilometre in tourism. Tourists need to take greater care when visiting them. The Great Barrier Reef contains over 400 coral species, 1,500 fish species, 4,000 mollusc species and six of the world's seven sea turtle species. This does not always happen and the corals die; effectively destroying the entire ecosystem because other marine life cannot live on this dead habitat. This produces bicarbonate which is acidic. The reefs are often essential element in the economy of tropical regions they inhabit. One of the interesting facts is that the corals … Because if the time comes where we have destroyed everything single thing on the planet, there will be no fixing it. They are an integral part of many cultures and our natural heritage. This molecule is capable of binding to a proteinaceous material in the cellular structures called microtubules and make them extremely rigid. Furthermore, they protect mangroves and reduce erosion. Ocean acidification affects marine life because they are not adapted to it. Corals can get nutrients from the byproducts that these algae produce. It’s just easier and cheaper to just stop these destructive practices now. These figures are even more impressive than the reefs cover less than one percent of the earth’s surface. The species that are most threatened by ocean acidification are shellfish and corals. They use calcium carbonate to build their exoskeleton and grow bigger and bigger. In doing so, they protect both ecosystems located between the reefs and coasts, such as seagrass and lagoon for example, and human settlements located by the sea. Coral reefs can be found around the world. 10.00-17.50 (last entry 16.30). They help prevent coastal erosion, offer protection from storm surge, and support jobs ranging from fishing to tourism. and biodiversity $ 5.5 billion (Cesar, Burke and Pet-Soede, 2003). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Corals then need to find other algae that can provide them with nutrients. Being deprived in a great measure of all possible movements, corals have developed a very effective arsenal of chemical weapons to defend themselves and to make war in the conquest of the reef area. Healthy coral reefs support commercial and subsistence fisheries as well as jobs and businesses through tourism and recreation. All rights reserved. Coral reefs are vital to the tourism industries, creating and protecting many of the world’s most beautiful beaches. But we must make an exception and think about the future now. They filter particles out of the water and increase water quality. Coral reefs have an estimated global value of £6 trillion each year, due in part to their contribution to fishing and tourism industries and the coastal protection they provide. Coral reef habitats represent some of the densest and most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth. Login to add posts to your read later list. Thousands of … That’s why the water is always so clear around coral reefs. Coral bleaching happens as a result of warming waters. In addition to this, they can use their tentacles to get zooplankton and even small fish. They reduce the damage in case of storms, hurricanes, and in some way, the energy of tsunamis. Nets of recently harvested marine sponges are drying on the top of the boat's wheelhouse. The biggest coral reef is found in Australia; the famous Great Barrier Reef. It forms often a natural barrier against storms. In fact, coral reefs are some of the oldest and most diverse ecosystems on the planet. It’s an important breeding ground and it’s where young animals are found (where there’s protection) before making leaving for the open waters. ©️ 2020 — Terra Movement – Designed By NUDEAL Agency. Not all fishermen carry out sustainable practices. No one can deny that coral reefs are important. The National Marine Fisheries Service estimates the commercial value of U.S. fisheries from coral reefs is over $100 million. No ecosystem can self-sustain itself without sunlight. View our Cookie Policy and our new Privacy notice. They cover only 0.2 percent of the ocean’s floor, but more than one million species of fish, invertebrates, and algae can be found in and around the world’s reefs. Protects the coastal areas from heavy water currents; Coral reefs play an essential role in slowing down the flow of water waves near coasts. Tourists often bring with them pollution which disrupts the ecosystem, but the bigger problem is when people go snorkeling and start touching them, collecting them and boats drop anchors on them. Especially in developing countries, people rely on fish for protein. Coral reefs are made up of small invertebrates called ‘polyps’ ( which they are related to jellyfish) and together they form large colonies and act as an organism. Coral reefs are also crucial for the young.

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